cover is made by the fantastic duo M&E. You can see it in it’s final form to the right —>

Notes on the cover image for Britta Persson: If I Was a Band My Name Would Be Forevers
The word Forever is especially visual and it is from this word, as well as the word Band, that the idea for Britta’s cover sprung. Based on the idea of creating a cover image with a sense of infinity, we thought of the effect that takes place when you stand between two mirrors, one directly in front of you and one behind. You and the room in which you stand seem to go on forever until it fades to black. We constructed a mirror room with four walls, of which three walls are made of normal mirrored glass and the fourth wall made from two-wayed mirrored glass. This allowed us to take photographs without being in the shot ourselves.The idea of repetition also refers to the “If I Was a Band … “ in the album title, using the mirrors to multiply Britta into a band.